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Alex Edelman

24 Hours With Comedian Alex Edelman

Spend a day in New York City with the writer and performer ahead of his encore engagement at SoHo Playhouse

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Nobody guessed that a solo show from comedian and writer Alex Edelman would become this month’s sleeper hit, but that’s what happened with Just For Us, which has been playing at The Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City on and off since December. Edelman discusses his Orthodox Jewish upbringing, his brother AJ’s Olympic dreams, and his strange and uncomfortable excursion, one night, to a meeting of White Nationalists in Queens. Trust us, if you’re a New Yorker (or you’ve been a New Yorker), you’ll laugh—a lot. (Sarah Jessica Parker is a fan.) Edelman is also known for his award-winning, sell-out hits in London’s West End and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival—and for his television writing. After the Cherry Lane run finishes its sold-out run on Friday, the show, presented by Mike Birbiglia, will resume in early March for six weeks (March 14-April 24) at the SoHo Playhouse in Hudson Square.

We spent a day with the busy 32-year-old Upper East Side resident to see what a typical 24 hours looks like for him.