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24 Hours With Austin McCormick

The Brooklyn-based choreographer takes us through a busy day of rehearsals for Nutcracker Rouge

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Since 2006, Company XIV has been bringing a unique blend of circus, Baroque dance, ballet and opera to audiences across the country. Founder Austin McCormick created the organization with a goal of fusing genres into ornate productions. Over the past ten years the company has performed at various venues ranging from the Metropolitan Opera to intimate Burlesque nightclubs. This year, McCormick opened a permanent home for the company in Bushwick, New York called Theatre XIV. “Having a home theatre means more opportunity to be creative and riskier, more sexy parties and lavish spectacles and a whole lot of Champagne,” McCormick says of the space. “Here, we can focus on what we do best–creating fabulous Baroque Burlesque productions in an immersive and sexy environment.”

The newest production from Company XIV is Nutcracker Rouge, a sensual alternative to the classical ballet, according to McCormick. With extravagant costume designs by Zane Pihlstrom and a range of production elements, McCormick says that there is truly something for everyone in the production. “I encourage new audience members to sit back and relax and allow us to take you through a magical journey,” McCormick says. “It’s best not to reveal too much about the show as surprises are the most exciting part!”

Nutcracker Rouge returns to Bushwick through January 14.