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"Rose Uniacke at Home"

Rose Uniacke Welcomes Readers Into Her Home

The first book from Rose Uniacke offers readers a private tour of the chic architectural interior designer’s London home

Book Title:

Rose Uniacke at Home (Rizzoli)

Home Base:


Project that put her on the map:

Her own home in Pimlico, London, which is often described as the crucible for all her design ideas.

Famous Clients:

Victoria Beckham, Jo Malone and Peter Morgan

"Rose Uniacke at Home"

“Rose Uniacke at Home”

Signature aesthetic:

The Rose Uniacke Fabric Collection, along with the designer’s signature upholstery and lighting, is designed to sit simultaneously alongside the antiques she sources to create the perfect balance of old and new.

What sets her apart:

Driven by the pursuit of purity in every sense, Uniacke has garnered a world-class reputation for her distinct aesthetic that is unrivaled in its quiet simplicity, restraint and sophistication.