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Head to Sundance in Style

A new travel service called Wanderluxxe promises to grant you insider access at the hottest film festivals

Planning on hitting Park City with the rest of Hollywood later this month? A just-launched travel service called Wanderluxxe is a sure way to guarantee that your film-watching, celebrity elbow-rubbing, luxury lodging, and even skiing needs are met at Sundance. Founded by festival veterans Marti Hines and Lola Wood, Wanderluxxe will also offer trips to the Tribeca and Cannes film festivals later this year.

For Sundance, travelers can choose from a variety of packages starting at $2,500 which include things like airfare, film tickets, access to parties, dinners with filmmakers, a concierge service for last-minute requests and beyond. Choose between the first or second weekends—or work with the company to build a package spanning the entire festival.

“The goal for WanderLuxxe is to offer filmmakers and actors alike along with those seeking luxury access to film festivals everything they need within one service. We will take care of access to top VIP events, film screenings and festival activities, and all related travel such as on-the-ground car service, and city-specific add-ons such as ski packages for Sundance, yachting for Cannes, etc.” said Wood in a release.

Book your trip at wanderluxxe.com.