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Get Venus ET Fleur’s Latest Limited-Edition Design Now

The luxury rose boutique teamed up with artist Jojo Anavim to create 40 one-of-a-kind works of art

If you’ve ever been gifted roses from Venus ET Fleur, it is fair to say that you are loved. From mini vases to grandiose boxes full of aromatic roses that literally last a year, the brand knows how to deliver a quality product. While it is always nice to have the scent of roses wafting through your bedroom, Venus ET Fleur has taken their luxury gifts one step further with their latest collaboration. For the past two years, Venus ET Fleur and contemporary artist Jojo Anavim have been working to create one-of-a-kind works of art in the form of artfully designed boxes of roses. With just 40 unique boxes made, this limited-edition series is already selling out.

Anavim drew inspiration from commercial design, showcasing powerful visuals on each and every box. From vintage magazine clippings to mass-produced products, Anavim brought a vibrant edge to his collab with Venus ET Fleur.

“I wanted the boxes to marry the fluidity of neo-expressionist paintings and the immediacy of the American pop art movement. They channel a child-like consciousness in a fun and beautiful way, with the Venus roses on top serving as the icing. They take on a sculptural element, with the round-shaped boxes, the viewer can take in the works from 360 degrees which makes them truly unique. It’s not only your visual sense that is tapped, but the works capture your sense of smell and touch which makes each piece truly immersive,” says Anavim.

Each box was hand-painted and coated with diamond dust, offering a smattering of elegance and luxury. The limited-edition series is available online for $1,495 a box at venusetfleur.com.