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Scene Stealer: Sky Ferreira

The “Everything Is Embarrassing” singer takes a dark turn in her film debut, IRL

There’s a reason Sky Ferreira ’s face might be familiar. The model and singer has graced campaigns for companies like Adidas and Calvin Klein in addition to stages worldwide thanks to her on-the-rise music career. Now Ferreira, who caught our attention with the hit single “Everything Is Embarrassing” and whose debut album is set to come out later this year, is adding another hyphenate to her resume: actress.

In director Grant Singer’s short film IRL, which premieres tonight in Los Angeles, Ferreira stars as Angel, a party girl struggling to recall the details of a life-altering night on the town. It’s a role the 20-year-old Ferreira relished playing.

“You see Angel completely change within 24 hours,” Ferreira says. “She starts out equally as vapid and annoying as the people around he, [but] I thought I could make her into something real. I felt she was a lot more damaged than what was written. It was a challenge for me.”

Indeed, the bleach blond beauty’s had her own wild nights in New York, but nothing nearly as dark as what her character experiences. “I had to do a shoot, and it was me topless, wearing a ski mask,” she says. “My clothes got lost at one point. I had to walk around New York drunk and half naked in a ski mask.”

Portraying Angel, then, is good experience when it comes to taking on difficult characters. Considering Ferreira is set to appear in horror master Eli Roth’s forthcoming Green Inferno, it seems like IRL might be just the beginning in a long line of movie roles.

“Grant and I are working on another project,” she says, adding “I would love to work with Gaspar Noe, Paul Thomas Anderson, Tarantino, Lars Von Trier or Leo Carax. I want to only do roles that I feel a true deep connection with.”

Watch the trailer for IRL below: