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#TBT: Rachel Melvin

The Sleepy Hollow actress shares a moment from her childhood and talks reclaiming the B word

Fans of the spooky show Sleepy Hollow know Rachel Melvin as a quirky engineer named Alex Norwood, who joined Ichabod Crane this season in the fight against all manner of evil creatures. Fresh off of six months of filming the show in Atlanta, GA, Melvin shared an adorable snapshot of her former self with DuJour.

Rachel Melvin

Here, a young Melvin flashes a smile with a Chicago Cubs outfielder at the team’s spring training in Phoenix, AZ. The family had just moved to Arizona from the Windy City, and went to spring training for a glimpse of their favorite team. “We grew up thinking, my dad kept saying, the Cubs are never going to win, and then they won the World Series last year and so it was a very big moment. [My sister] was at Game Four. She paid an obscene amount for seats that were on the rooftop.”

To the little girl in the picture, Melvin says, “If I could tell myself something, it would be to still be crazy, still be a wild woman, and not care what other people think about you. Yeah, I think as I was growing up I let other people change the way I lived my life. And I would tell myself not to.” Even if she may have faltered at one time or another, Melvin does a pretty good job of standing up for herself and women everywhere now. She recently launched a blog called How Bitches are Made, where she shares humorous, snarky anecdotes about things like friend drama and school bullies.

Rachel Melvin

She credits these instances, along with the countless stories up her sleeve about struggling to make it as an actress is LA, with making her the tough woman she is today, a “bitch,” if you will. Her ultimate goal is to start a movement to reclaim the word. “I want to not use it in such a spiteful, nasty way. I want to use it as like another word for ‘boss’ essentially,” she says.