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Photographer Spencer Tunick Brings Life to the Dead Sea

Photographer Spencer Tunick Brings Life to the Dead Sea

The photographer behind the famous naked artwork on Israel’s Mineral Beach presents a virtual exhibition with the Dead Sea Museum to raise environmental awareness

Ten years ago, American photographer Spencer Tunick enlisted 1,200 Israelis and visitors from around the globe to pose bare in and around the salty waters of Israel’s Mineral Beach, resulting in a stunning installation that not only reveals communal elements transcending class, religion and nationality, but also environmental impact. Now, as the Dead Sea is deteriorating at a rapid pace, the Dead Sea Museum, which was recently founded to bring attention to the retreating sea and dangerous sinkholes plaguing the area, presents a virtual exhibition of Tunick’s entire collection of Dead Sea works for the first time.

On view until April 21, 2022, the exhibition preserves the memory of the Dead Sea’s now unrecognizable landscape and seascape captured in Tunick’s photographs from 2011, 2012 and 2016. Viewers will also have access to his never-before-seen photography from the Ein Gedi and Ein Bokek waterfalls. Tunick plans to return to the Dead Sea in October to create a third installation with the goal of saving the sea.