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On Location with Paulina Singer

The Dead of Summer actress films in Vancouver’s wilderness

One might assume that filming a psychological thriller deep in the woods of British Columbia would make Paulina Singer a bit… jumpy, to stay the least. Oddly, Singer, a self-described hippie, says the experience actually helped her reach Nirvana. 

“I really love the hippie culture in Canada,” says the actress. “There’s a lot of openness here.”

Vancouver offers a host of options, but Singer says her favorite thing to do when she’s not shooting is to sit and think. “There’s a little sauna next to my house that I go to. Just to open my mind when I’m not on set.” 

To be fair, Paulina does have a lot to mull over. Dead of Summer, which will premiere on Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family) on June 28, focuses on a group of camp counselors struggling to survive a barrage of supernatural happenings.

“If your fears are given a catalyst to haunt you, they will,” Singer says. “My character has gone through an emotionally traumatizing childhood and Camp Stillwater is the only place she feels comfortable enough to be herself.”

Despite the horror involved, the set is actually very lovely, and who wouldn’t discover their inner Walden whilst filming on a serene lake, surrounded by sky-high mountains?

“It’s insanely beautiful. And the air! It’s really nice to go outside and actually feel like you’re outside and not a concrete jungle.”

Filming in such a beautiful and secluded location does have its downsides, though. Minaty Bay is a long ways away from New Hampshire, Singer’s home state, and amidst the quiet rustling of the leaves there’s a lot of open space to miss her friends. “It feels like you’re changing,” she says. “You don’t have anything right in front of you that’s living and breathing and talking to remind you of who you are.”

Thankfully, being in such a secluded and tranquil location has bonded Singer and her castmates. “It’s very real on set. Everybody’s really honest and connected. Which is refreshing because a lot of time sets can be really superficial because Hollywood’s really superficial. But it’s not like that.”