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Chatting with Jason Derulo

The singer answers questions about life and music

What is your take on social media and which platform do you prefer?

Social media is hard for me because I am a guy, and I think we struggle a bit more because women like taking selfies and that stuff. It’s not really my thing, but I know how helpful it is and my fans like to reach out. It is very different now when you can literally reach out to your favorite artist or your favorite artist can reach out to you. I get the importance of it, so I try my best. If I had to pick one, Snapchat would be my favorite.

Who are your favorite singers?

Michael Jackson was my biggest influence. He is the whole reason I started dancing and singing in the first place. I literally probably wouldn’t have done music had Michael not existed.

Any lucky charms?

Well I have these socks that I wear every day—no, just joking. Me and my dancers have this, it’s almost like a “haka” dance. Every month we’ll add new moves to it. It’s something that’s familiar so every time we do the ritual it brings me to a place of familiarity.

What are the qualities you appreciate the most in a person? Do you have a pet peeve?

I appreciate selflessness the most, and I hate liars, I just can’t deal with that.