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Donald Sterling Speaks Up

The embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner on what he’d do differently

While the dust in Los Angeles has yet to settle after recent revelations of Clippers owner Don Sterling’s regrettable remarks, nothing about the future of Sterling or the team is certain.

Some observers claim the NBA lacks the authority to force Sterling to sell the team while others, like basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabar, are questioning why the billionaire’s private conversations are being aired in public at all.

Don Sterling and Vanessa Stiviano

Sterling and Stiviano

And while it could be weeks before any definite decisions are made about the future of the Clippers—Floyd Mayweather Jr., Oprah Winfrey, Matt Damon and Sean Combs are all said to be interested in buying the team—during an exclusive discussion with DuJour’s Jason Binn, Sterling expressed remorse for the way his situation’s unfurled. Speaking of girlfriend Vanessa Stiviano, who released to the media audio footage of Sterling on a racist tirade, Sterling says, “I wish I had just paid her off.”

Expect to hear more from Sterling, who tells DuJour he’s limiting himself to interviews with Barbara Walters and the NBA.