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Luxury Art Collaborations to Know About Right Now

Exclusive interpretations of art imitating luxe life

Luxury brands are built on the reputation of their top tier, thoughtful products. What’s even more special, though, is when a brand finds art within itself to elevate not only its reputation but also its customer experience. Combining art with luxury makes for the perfect fit, and in a world where people seem to have it all, it’s the ultimate solution to creating one-of-a-kind product experiences that are, in the most special of occasions, priceless.

Forevermark Diamonds, Mandarin Oriental, New York and Mountainside at Northstar have done exactly this in their recent collaborations with three of this year’s most promising (and recognizable) talents, and DuJour got the scoop about their exciting and artistic endeavors.

Who: Forevermark x Angie Crabtree

The Collection: “Forevermark Black Label Collection Paintings by Angie Crabtree”

When Forevermark began to brainstorm ways to launch its Black Label collection, Angie Crabtree immediately came to mind because of her expertise in drawing such complex gems. The collection itself is special in that the Black Label diamonds are particular for their shine and cut, two things Crabtree knew she could capture. Crabtree painted her first diamond in 2013 and now paints them almost exclusively. It was upon taking such a close look at each stone that she discovered their individuality, and this, including “how the light and reflections play on their different patterns” hooked Crabtree to dedicating her art to diamonds. For the collaboration, and for the first time ever, Crabtree used canvas fit specifically to the diamonds she was painting and even created a special recipe using Williamsburg Oil Paint to develop oils that could accurately capture the jewels’ shine. “Art is a way of bringing luxury into everyone’s homes,” Crabtree said on the collection, “It allows people to see these diamonds up close and build a relationship with something so luxurious.”

“Angie Crabtree for Forevermark” Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock

Who: Mandarin Oriental, New York x Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte

The Collection: “Rodarte Sketch Collaboration”

American designer and Co-Founder of Rodarte Kate Mulleavy is a frequent guest at the Mandarin Oriental, New York. Upon being approached by the hotel to draw up exclusive sketches to be displayed throughout the year, taking part was a no brainer for Mulleavy, it’s also not far from the inspiration she draws during a typical stay. “While I am staying at the hotel, I often sketch at a table near the beautiful view in my room,” Mulleavy explained, “[So] it seemed completely natural to create some special sketches inspired by the seasonal changes that I get to observe from the window.” Five sketches, drawn exclusively by Mulleavy for Mandarin Oriental, New York, will be premiered through each of the five seasons and each will hang permanently in the hotel. And although the pieces aren’t for sale, the hotel has plans to create items inspired by Mulleavy’s pieaces to give out to selected guests, offering a thoughtful cherry-on-top to an experience with Mandarin Oriental, New York.

Original Rodarte Sketches for Mandarin Oriental, New York

Who: Mountainside at Northstar

The Collection: “Mountainside Institute” 

Lake Tahoe may be known for its powder and shred time, but the luxe ski-in, ski-out community of Mountainside at Northstar has now committed to making the outdoor wonderland equally known for its artful ventures. Premiering this winter 2017, the Mountainside Institute will offer members the exclusive experience of witnessing firsthand some of the industry’s most celebrated artists while they create in their own backyard during a seasonal residency. Chosen in collaboration with industry influencer Chrissy Crawford, praised landscape artist Zaria Forman will be the first featured artist and will be creating her pieces based on her experiences with NASA.