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Get Glittery With Ariana and the Rose

The colorful artist is positively dreamy on her newest song, “Lonely Star”

Ariana, the frontwoman of synth-pop band Ariana and the Rose, is a pint-sized singer with energy as electric as her blue locks. The Long Island native got her creative start in the theatre world after attending a performance arts school in Manhattan. Following her 2017 EP Retrograde, Ariana became fascinated with creating an immersive moment for the music world that catered to her own style while also welcoming in an audience with open (and glittery) arms.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Ariana has held four light + space events in London and Brooklyn and on October 25, the fifth will be held at Public Space in New York City. “It is an amalgamation of everything. It is a concert, theatre, a party, and we’re always revising and keeping it fresh,” she says of light + space. With underground, DIY vibes, the show has a magical quality to it that allows audiences to be completely unapologetically themselves. First held at Brooklyn’s House of YES, Ariana says she is excited to see how the show evolves at Public Arts in Manhattan. “We want the party to be able to move and grow while maintaining that underground vibe.” The party that Ariana has developed through light + space is vibrant and bright with a carefree and bold attitude, which is similar to Ariana. “My artistic aesthetic has always lived in this galactic-tinged cosmic glitter world,” she says with a laugh.

While perfecting light + space, Ariana spent a lot of time writing and making new music as well. The singer tells me that while at the studio, she was overcome by the abundance of natural disasters, devastation and negative news happening across the globe. “I wanted to make unifying music that would feel a little uplifting. I just didn’t want to be bummed anymore,” she says of her new music. Of her most recent single, “Lonely Star,” Ariana says she wanted to truly make a space for people to feel good. “It is music that you can dance and cry to at the same time. Like catharsis,” she explains. “Just a release of emotion.”

With plans to release several singles over the next few weeks, this new collection of songs was somewhat influenced by light + space, lending themselves to the experience with “disco-tinged” sounds. “Even though light + space has been amazing because it expanded the awareness of my project and me as an artist, I’m a musician first,” she says of the influence light + space had on her upcoming music. “I’ve always wanted to be a multi-media audio-visual artist, not just a musician.” There is an electric feel to “Lonely Star” that complements the atmosphere of light + space but Ariana insists that there are a few songs slated for release that won’t fit the vibe of the show, and that’s okay. “Everything about this project is a heightened version of myself,” Ariana decides, welcoming the thought of having a range of sonic expression.

From the creative and immersive experience at light + space to the kaleidoscopic video for “Lonely Star,” Ariana of Ariana and the Rose is an artist with boundless creativity and a craving for artistic freedom. Watch the official video for “Lonely Star” below and you can purchase tickets for light + space here.