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Getting Your Makeup Done Is the New Blowout

Actress and entrepreneur Stephanie March opens a second branch of her popular Rouge NY makeup studio

Actress Stephanie March met leading makeup artist Rebecca Perkins on the set of Law & Order SVU years ago and the two immediately bonded over a love of beauty after hours spent together in the makeup department. “Whenever I left work for an event, audition, or even a casual dinner with friends, I had a fresh face of professionally applied makeup,” says March. “It was a lovely perk of the job and it got Rebecca and I thinking, if there is a place to get your hair and nails done on every corner why isn’t there a place for your face?”

So two years ago, they founded Rouge NY in SoHo, a studio that offers affordable makeup applications for New Yorkers on the go. And in mid-December, after their clients begged for a second location (preferably uptown) March and Perkins answered the call with one in Midtown East. “Professional makeup application is becoming one of those everyday luxuries like a blowout or a pedicure,” March explains. “We want to be part of that continuing conversation.” The new location features a fresh concept: a Bespoke Beauty Bar, where they blend lipsticks, glosses and nail polishes on the spot.


Rouge NY

We sat down with March to talk about Rouge, her signature makeup looks and biggest beauty regrets.

What are your go-to makeup looks?

Right now I really like a smoky, green-gold eye. Someone else is doing it, naturally, as it takes skill for that one. 

Best beauty tip you ever received?

Always, always wash your face before bed. 

Worst beauty blunder you’ve made?

Blue mascara and frosted lipstick in the ninth grade. 

What’s in your makeup bag?

L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof mascara, Becca Beach Tint in Fig, Amazing Cosmetics Powder Set and Lipstick Queen lipstick in Frog Prince.

What are some brands on offer at Rouge?

It doesn’t get better than Amazing Concealer. It is a perfectly named product. We use that at both locations. We are really excited about adding Lipstick Queen and Becca Cosmetics to the roster. Those lines are new to us at the uptown location and the pigmentation and texture are lovely.

What makes for a successful makeup studio?

A makeup artist who listens, high performance products that really work (forget about the packaging, everyone), and good lighting.

What are your clients’ greatest makeup concerns?

Everyone wants to look like themselves—even if they are a version of themselves with a bright, red lip or a smoky eye.

Rouge NY
220 East 60th Street