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Shop Around at The Beverly Center

After a multi-million dollar renovation, this shopping destination is a must-see

The Beverly Center was once described by the Los Angeles Times as a “big” “brown” “blob,” and there’s a generation of shoppers who won’t argue. However, following a $500 million (you read that correctly) renovation courtesy of Italian design firm Studio Fuksas, that description is now obsolete by any standard, because every aspect of the multi-floor plaza has been transformed. Adding to the new aesthetic, there’s a magnificent 25,000-square-foot ribbon of glass that triples the amount of skylight in the center, flooding the building with natural light. The center’s new exterior lighting program will show its colors to acknowledge awards season, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pride, and other noteworthy events, anniversaries, and milestones. But, of course, most patrons come here to shop, and they won’t be disappointed. The newly installed concierge service directs shoppers to an endless array of luxe establishments prepared to satisfy every need or whim. Having added shops ranging from couture (Balenciaga) to classic (Brooks Brothers) to trendy (Hayden Girls), the center has something for every fashionista. Need a quick, delicious breakfast-lunch? You can do much worse than Eggslut, a fast-casual eatery that’ll make you rethink your breakfast choices. If traditional sit-down dining is what you desire, check out Cal Mare, the latest masterpiece from lauded chef Michael Mina. In fact, everything is state of the art in the new Bev Center, even the parking.

If you misplace your car, don’t give it a second thought. Merely scan your ticket at the payment station, and you’ll be instantly informed of the exact location of your car via the digital display screen. What more can you possibly ask of a shopping center?