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Lunch Break Beauty Treatments in NYC

Here’s how to transform your look in one hour or less

A busy schedule can often leave little time for pampering, but it’s important to treat yourself. Below, check out nine places in New York City to get beautified in under an hour.

Glycolic peel
Where: The Peel Bar
You’ll head back to the office with radiant and glowing skin after this speedy yet effective treatment, which includes a facial cleanse and two-minute peel application.
Less than 10 minutes, $39 

Energy facelift
Where: Ling Face Bar
This uber-relaxing treatment includes key elements of massage, acupressure and heat therapy to increase energy levels (picture a heat device embedded with tourmaline crystals running down your back) followed by a facial and temporary lift.
30 minutes or less, $50

Individual eyelash extensions
Where: eyeLure Boutique
Your lashes will look bold and beautiful thanks to the skilled eyelash aestheticians at eyeLure Boutique. Choose from a variety of different looks to add just the right amount of length and thickness.  
Less than an hour, $120-300

Lunchtime Professional Alpha Beta Peel
Where: Dr. Dennis Gross offices
This in-office peel will help diminish fine lines, reduce pores and treat breakouts. The best part? Immediate results and zero recovery time.
15-20 minutes, $225 

EndyMed body treatment
Where: select doctor’s offices and medi-spas
The new Shaper handpiece is the perfect device for body contouring and skin tightening in areas like arms, legs, thighs and abs.
25-30 minutes, price varies

Pure Glow advanced laser facial treatment
Where: Dr. Halland Chen offices
In a matter of mere minutes, this high-tech, dual pulsed laser will rid your skin of inflammation, clogged pores, sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration.
15 minutes, price varies

Clear & Brilliant laser treatment
Where: Dr. Stafford Broumand offices
Your skin will be refreshed and glowing after just one session with the Clear & Brilliant laser. Plus, if you make it a monthly habit, you can keep early signs of aging at bay.
20 to 30 minutes, $500

Ultimate Express hair and scalp treatment
Where: Phyto Universe
This luxe treatment includes an invigorating shampoo, deep conditioning and styling to leave your hair with an enviable shine.  
One hour, $120

The Mini Manicure
Where: Townhouse Spa
Perfect for when you’re short on time, this quick manicure includes a shaping, pushing back of cuticles, light massage and polish.
15 minutes, $15

Main photograph by PHYTO Universe, A Natural Beauty Oasis