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Petra Nemcova’s Happy Hearts Fund Joins Forces with All Hands Volunteers

The model and activist shares the news about the merge and gets ready for The Art of Giving benefit

The Happy Hearts Fund, which was founded by Czech model and philanthropist, Petra Nemcova, is joining forces with All Hands Volunteers to create a new, merged organization called All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response, which will better meet the needs of those affected by natural disasters. Since 2006, Happy Hearts Fund has helped rebuild 171 schools in 10 countries.

In an interview with DuJour, Petra Nemcova emphasized that the merging of these two organizations will greatly improve the process of rebuilding schools. The construction will be “much faster, much more impactful and efficient,” which is made possible through the help of more volunteers.

When asked what her proudest moments have been while working with Happy Hearts Fund, Nemcova said she prefers to use the word ‘grateful’ because “there’s still so much to do.” She continued, “The children are flourishing, are more confident, eager, and they have big dreams. That to me is something that makes me so grateful and touched by.” The best moments for her are when she “can see the incredible difference on the individual, and on the community level.”

Nemcova also acknowledged the impact her modeling career has on her philanthropic endeavors. Her fashion industry contacts, including artists, photographers, and painters, were the “first ones to help” and she is “so grateful because without them, their first support, the others wouldn’t have followed.” They provided artwork and photographs for auctions to raise money for the Happy Hearts Fund.

In the new year, All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response will travel to and help rebuild Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, and Saint Martin. However, Nemcova stressed that the other places they have visited and helped will not be forgotten; she and her team have a two year plan to help rebuild in both Texas and Saint Thomas in wake of the many earthquakes that recently caused widespread destruction.

This December, Status Luxury Group is holding a toy drive and fundraiser with proceeds benefitting All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response. The event was first held in 2007, when it was as a holiday party for friends, clients, and business associates of SLG founder Nick Andreottola. In 2010, guests were required to bring toys in order to attend the party, which led to the donation of 200 toys to the Marines at Toys for Tots in Times Square. After this success, Andreottola launched a committee in 2011 known as Celebrate Your STATUS to continue this charitable tradition. Andreottola and his team are longtime supporters of the disaster relief work that Nemcova is committed to. They often contribute to toys drives for hurricane victims and fundraising events.

This year, the benefit will be called The Art of Giving, which is in partnership with Petra Nemcova and All Hands and Hearts. Toys will be collected and donated across Manhattan, and money will be raised for those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The goal is to raise over $100,000. Click here for tickets, tables or donations.