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New York: A Traveler’s Guide

Where to eat, what to do and where to stay in the Big Apple

Check out New York’s hottest hotels and restaurants in the most exclusive parts of the city. They offer secret menus, personal transportation and undeniable character. Also get ideas for exciting activities, from family-friendly getaways to upbeat nightlife hangouts approved by the city’s top DJ. Bars, sightseeing and more are just ahead!

Lunch Break Beauty Treatments in NYC
Here’s how to transform your look in one hour or less.

A Celebrity-Approved Workout to Try Now
SLT fitness guru Amanda Freeman is building an empire.

A Forest Hideaway for Weekend Getaways
Hudson Woods homes aims to re-envision housing developments.

NYC’s Premier Supper Club
Get to know the chefs behind the city’s coolest underground dining experience.

An NYC Restaurant Guide
From cozy brunch spots to seemingly endless tasting menus, here are our picks for the best reservations in NYC.

The Best Attractions and Activities in New York City
Spend hundreds of hours exploring the Big Apple and never run out of exciting things to do.

The Best Hotels in New York City
Check out the most luxurious hotels and resorts New York City has to offer.

I Love New York
Chef Daniel Humm shares his favorite places—all in the Big Apple, of course.

Bright Lights, Big City
From moving dramas to sultry burlesques, see which New York City shows are hot for the fall season.

The Best Restaurants in New York City
From cozy brunch spots to seemingly endless tasting menus, here are our picks for the best reservations in NYC.

Summer Body Prep
Three new boutique NYC fitness studios to help you firm up fast.

4 Hot, New Restaurants
In the mood for a cozy, romantic dining experience or a ’40s-inspired oyster bar? We have you covered.

The Best Bars and Clubs in New York City
Find out where to dance the night away or casually sip a cocktail. 

The Best Shopping in New York City
Your guide to NYC’s most popular shopping destinations.

4 New Hotels
From Midtown to the West Village, here are some New York City spots where we’d love to spend the night.

At Your Service: Spas that Make Housecalls
It’s never been easier to have the biggest names in beauty on call for luxe, in-home treatments.

Heat Rises: 5 New York Rooftops for Summer
The best places to cool off when the temperatures soar are located high above the Big Apple.

NYC’s Best Restaurants with Excellent Nightlife
These one-stop wonders provide delicious meals, fabulous drinks and an evening of fun.

The Barbershop Brigade
A spate of new NYC chop shops offers both old-world charm and new-world amenities that any man of style can appreciate.

Foodie Playground: 5 NYC Favorite’s Expand
Juice Press on the UWS, Bubby’s in the Meatpacking District and more new territories for Manhattan go-tos.

Where to Find the Best Cold Brew in New York
Move over iced coffee—the reigning king of Joe for summer is a tall glass (or bottle) of cold brew.

The Best Museums in New York City
Here’s a closer look at the impressive art collections and exhibits you can find in NYC.

The Best Spas and Salons in New York City
Here’s your complete guide to getting pampered in the Big Apple.

DJ Cassidy’s Guide to New York City
The globetrotting musician shares his favorite spots in the place he calls home.

Kristen Taekman’s NYC To-Do List
The Bravo reality star shares her favorite things to do in New York City when the weather heats up.

Please Don’t Yelp this Restaurant
Pssst…no publicity is good publicity. Here’s the real reason why New Yorkers obsess over underground dining options.

Theory’s Andrew Rosen Is on a Mission
The fashion mogul discusses his plans to help improve New York City’s ever-changing neighborhood: the Meatpacking District.

What Are the Coolest New York Homes? 
From historical landmarks to a reality TV star’s home, these choices might surprise you.

Upstate Utopia: Beacon’s Best
New Yorkers are falling for this Husdon Valley town. Where to go and what to do for an autumnal weekend-long city escape.

NYC Restaurants Great for Groups
Grab a friend or ten and head to spots that can cater to a crowd.

New York City’s Best Restaurants for Date Night
Check out romantic spots that provide an elegant dose of atmosphere alongside delicious meals. 

The Best New Workouts in New York City
From Chelsea to the Village, three new boutique fitness studios offer options for all skill levels and interests.