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Judith Murat’s Journey

The Alzheimer’s Association celebrated the jewelry designer’s first book in New York City

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Judith Murat’s exquisite 18-carat gold, pink diamond and midnight-blue tanzanite pieces—which have adorned the ears, necks, and fingers of celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez and Tyra Banks—function more as fine art than accessories when displayed in glass cases at the home of Andrea Stark. (A background in oil painting deserves credit.) On Thursday night, Murat’s closest friends and fans were invited by Princess Yasmin Aga Khan (daughter of silver-screen siren Rita Hayworth), Muffie Potter Aston and Somers Farkas to see the collection—and kick off the Alzheimer’s Association’s summer season with a toast to the designer’s first book, Judy’s Journey Into the Land of Murat. Charles Castor—who Murat calls “Sunny”—co-authored the book and helped to create her whimsical fairy land. “I fell in love with the book,” Murat told DuJour, “I wanted to do something to inspire people. Everything that I’ve ever done is right here [in the book]; the sea, all of my art, everything came together.” The book—nearly sold out by the end of the night—is available at The Palm Beach Bookstore, The Classic Bookstoreamazon.com and www.judithmurat.com.

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