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New York City’s Il Fiorista Is The Place To Blossom

A NoMad restaurant and floral boutique hired a team of women to design the vibrant, bloom-centric space

Italian for “the florist,” the restaurant, floral boutique, and community education space Il Fiorista in New York City’s NoMad neighborhood is a celebration of all things flowers. Co-owner Alessandra De Benedetti tapped a female-led team of designers for the light-filled, 85-seat restaurant space, from architect Elizabeth Roberts to artist Leanne Shapton, whose vibrant murals adorn the walls, to Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, whose custom-made wood furniture fills the room.

Co-owner Alessandra De Benedetti and artist Leanne Shapton.

“I grew up in Italy, where I was always surrounded by nature and flowers,” De Benedetti says. “When I was a child, my grandmother explained to me how to take care of plants and flowers in her Milanese garden, and I decided to create a place in New York City where flowers and herbs are at the center of attention.”

Il Fiorista dish.

The Italian proprietor, along with her husband, Mario, cite the team’s great sense of beauty and fantasy and loved their collaboration. “The design process for this project was really unique—partially because it was created by women, but also because the creative women were all very sensitive and level-headed,” says Roberts, who designed the space.