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A Luxe Cream for Sensitive Skin

Chanel and Dr. Amy Wechsler make an unstoppable skincare team

Chanel has tapped into a new beauty category, sensitive skin, with the launch of its La Solution 10 De Chanel cream, created in collaboration with consulting dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler over the course of four years. The fragrance-free, super-light concentrate is targeted at customers with finicky skin, like Wechsler herself, who understands the needs and concerns of those with similar imbalances. “People who have sensitive skin, like I do, are scared to try new things,” she says. However, with just 10 ingredients, the aptly named cream is aimed to be approachable and familiar. “We wanted the fewest ingredients possible,” the Upper East Side dermatologist explains. The core of the skin cream is a rare white tea—the Silver Needle tea—that helps soothe irritation.

La Solution 10 De Chanel

La Solution 10 De Chanel

Wechsler credits Chanel’s patience and its use of controlled studies for the brand’s success in the skin-care market. “Because Chanel is a privately owned company, there’s no external pressure to rush products,” she says. As for whether we can expect more products for sensitive-skin types, Dr. Wechsler adds, “People are definitely asking for a cleanser, and a fragrance-free sunscreen. I think there are so many ways to go.”