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An A-List Duo’s New Sunflower-Inspired Scent

A sought-after florist and a high-end hat maker teamed up to create this unisex fragrance

It’s not every day that a florist and a milliner get together to create a perfume. But that’s exactly what happened when Eric Buterbaugh, designer of arrangements for A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwen Stefani, and Nick Fouquet, creator of bespoke hats for the likes of Madonna and Beyoncé, collaborated on the scent Nick’s Sunflower. The unisex fragrance is the product of a challenge they set themselves: to determine how a flower with no scent—the sunflower—might smell. “It’s a fresh, floral, happy scent,” Buterbaugh reveals. Fouquet adds that it encapsulates their idea of summer—“it’s subtle yet adventurous,” he says. The fragrance’s name emerged from a private joke between the two: Fouquet passionately adores sunflowers, while Buterbaugh vehemently dislikes them. No matter each man’s opinion of the bud, it’s safe to say they agree on how it might smell—sublime.