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Catch Video Artist Mika Rottenberg’s Solo Exhibit

The installation at Chicago’s MoCA is a choose-your-own-adventure look at materialism

This winter, the Museum of Contemporary Art presents “Mika Rottenberg: Easypieces,” a solo exhibition of the Argentine-Israeli video artist Mika Rottenberg. The artist’s immersive installations use satire to explore issues of the material word and environmental and commercial concerns. Her kinetic sculptures that transform and invert objects and the absurdist environments of her videos are often disorienting. “The exhibition invites you into a surreal world that calls attention to the unseen labor and technology that sustain our global economy,” says its curator Bana Kattan. “Mika really thinks about the experience of the visitor; she carefully considers how sound travels in the space, she often shows the visitor the back of the work, purposely leaving it looking unfinished. From the moment you arrive, you are prompted to choose your own adventure by picking one of the two different entrance paths into the exhibition. She plays with perspective, making you aware of the floor you are standing on, the walls that surround you, and even, the ceiling that looms overhead.” Through March 8.

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