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Beam Street is chic, convenient, and will give you the smile of your dreams, without the stress

Going to the dentist isn’t terrible by any means. Preparing for your dental visit is a nightmare. Calling to schedule an appointment, realizing you have to call back later to reschedule, making sure you have your insurance information ready, explaining what you need done; only to be told that there are no available appointments until next Wednesday at noon when you will be at work.


Being able to book your dental appointment online is a game changer. Beam Street is a dental office designed for the busy person who works in Manhattan and just wants to get a teeth cleaning during their lunch break. If you work in Manhattan, chances are, you don’t live in the heart of the city (hello New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut). After a commute home from work, most people are already daydreaming about swapping work pants for sweatpants. Dr. Heather Kunen is Beam Street’s in-house Orthodontist and while her professional credentials are impressive and allow her to deliver serious results to her clients, she is a native New Yorker and understands the lack of time we have and the high standards that are typical of New Yorkers. Yes, that’s right. We want results as soon as possible and we do not want to be inconvenienced in order to achieve said results.

Dr. Heather Kunen

Dr. Heather Kunen

Beam Street allows clients to schedule a Zoom! Whitening session, Hygiene and Check-Up, or a free consultation regarding Invisalign aligners online. I went in for a whitening treatment because I like my coffee black and in large quantities. Beam Street is stylish and chic with a simple Swedish aesthetic, creating a calming environment from the moment you walk through the doors. Plus, you sign in using an iPad because it is 2019 and, let’s save a tree.

The whole treatment took about one hour. Basically the bleaching product is applied to your teeth and a very strong light is placed over your mouth for 20 minutes at a time. I was told that depending on a person’s sensitivity, the number of 20-minute sessions varies from just one session up to four or five. I reached my third 20-minute session and started feeling tingling sensations in my teeth that felt pretty uncomfortable which is when I bowed out. But, after two and a half whitening sessions, my teeth had become several shades lighter! Before you start the treatment, my dental hygienist, Nala Lajiq placed a swatch of teeth shades next to my teeth and pointed out where I landed.

Beam Street

Beam Street

To see the actual difference in color was pretty undeniable. The process itself was easy and quick, but you do need to know when to admit when you are starting to feel any sort of discomfort; everything can vary depending on the client.

After my whitening, my teeth were extremely sensitive. I experienced surprising pangs of sensitivity intermittently for the next 12 hours. But, I took a couple of Ibuprofen and by the next day, my teeth were still white and no longer sensitive. The only real downside was that I had to avoid drinking coffee for the next 48 hours after the whitening treatment.

So, Beam Street features an easy way to schedule appointments, quick and painless procedures, and a stylish office that is free of creepy children’s toys from the early 90s. *books next dental appointment before it’s too late.*