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Try This Holistic Facial in NYC

Naturopathica just launched a facial program that takes everything—including your personality—into account

Forget the fact that there seemed to be approximately 76 days in January: February may be the shortest month of the year, but with winter still in full swing, it can also feel like the longest. And timewise, that means more time spent longing for warm weather and more time slathering on moisturizer to avoid the season’s brutal dryness. So when it comes to taking care of your skin during the winter, we’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: facials are the greatest luxury you can add to your beauty routine.

So, on a mission to find one treatment that can suit every skin aficionado this season, one hits the jackpot when it comes to Naturopathica’s latest offering.

Starting this month, Naturopathica debuts its Holistic Facial. The treatment is totally customized to each person’s ‘Skin Personality,’ as they call it, and each process completely depends on the skin type your age and the kind of life you lead. The products used during the treatment are also new, including fast-acting concentrates and a detoxifying Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm to nourish and promote a radiant complexion for your skin. Not only does the facial take into account every aspect of your lifestyle to best serve your skin needs, but the benefits outlast the 60-minute treatment itself. Walk away with tips on everything from your sleep habits to your diet, all of which will be based on the “Skin Personality” you’ve been assigned. The full rundown of the facial is as follows:

1. First, confess your habits. That includes the good (and the bad) about your diet, stress, sleep and skin care.

2. Identify your ‘Skin Personality’ as Adaptive, Hormone Reactive, Stress Reactive or Mature, then customize a sensorial facial with probiotics and clean concentrates for accelerated results. *Make sure to let your practitioner know just how aggressive they should be with your skin. From one sensitive-skin soul to another, it helps!

3. Translate holistic skin care to your daily life with skin care, herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle tips for your ‘Skin Personality.’

And as for a follow up appointment, make sure to consult with your practitioner for how soon you should return. As is the case for most of our favorite things in life: sometimes moderation is key.

Main Image: Getty Images/Hill Street Studios