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Jenny Mollen’s Favorite Things

The New York City-based actress, comedian, and author talks us through life with two boys under five and her husband, actor Jason Biggs

Dressed in a cobalt blue pantsuit in a stunning suite at 11 Howard in SoHo, the always hilarious Jenny Mollen is talking about Botox alongside her dermatologist Dr. Patricia Wexler. On November 20, the pharmaceutical company Allergan will mark its first-ever national Botox Cosmetic Day with a special promotion in honor of its hero product (a game-changing toxin that successfully treats wrinkles and facial creases). For the first time ever and to celebrate the occasion, the brand is offering an exclusive offer for one day only where for every $100 gift card purchased on November 20, consumers will get an additional $100 gift card gratis (while supplies last, of course).

Dermatologist Dr. Pax Wexler’s office

We talked with the 40-year-old triple threat about her skincare and beauty routines and the things she can’t live without.

What’s your skincare routine? How has it changed since having kids?

After kids and developing a thyroid condition, I struggled with cystic acne. So now I’m vigilant about washing my face and moisturizing at night. I’m really into the Drunk Elephant products. I love Tiffany’s [Masterson, the founder of Drunk Elephant] theory about having no alcohols, silicones, essential oils, and all that stuff in her products. I like her Retinol because it’s chill (Drunk Elephant A-Passioni™ Retinol Cream, $74), the orange cleanser (Drunk Elephant Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, $32) and I’m obsessed with the Marula Oil (Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil, $40-72). The other day, I went to an event and thought, ‘am I dressed as a bottle of the Marula Oil?’

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

What in-office treatments have you tried? 

I’ve done several Aerolase laser treatments on my face which are for acne at Wexler Dermatology. I’ve done Fraxel a few times. When I was around 29, I started getting Botox when I lived in L.A. When I moved to New York, a friend told me I needed to see Dr. Wexler and she corrected some work I’d had done. Filler in the wrong place and Botox. She corrected everything. And I was a picker. I’m always going to be a picker but now I seek Pat’s approval so much and I know she’s watching me on Instagram stories, so I don’t pick as much.

Does Jason [Biggs] have a beauty routine?

He loves a nail place massage. A full paraffin dip, a full body massage. It’s crazy. Jason leaves and he spends $200 every time we go. He’s such a princess with all of that.

What’s your exercise routine?

I love Barry’s Bootcamp but, at 40, I have to chill on Barry’s. Now, I do weight training at Performix House near Union Square pulling sleds and then I swim at the Four Seasons Hotel Downtown. I became a member of their spa and I use their pool. I feel so good after.

Four Seasons Hotel Downtown

Four Seasons Hotel Downtown

What’s your diet like?

My eating was dysfunctional all through and after college. Especially being an actress in L.A. I worked with nutritionist Elyse Resch (who wrote this book Intuitive Eating) and that changed my life. I eat super healthy but I grew up eating super healthy. I’m pretty neurotic about what I eat but I just need food around me at all times. I have starvation anxiety. With my kids, I present the options and let them figure it out.

With two kids, how do you wake up and look refreshed on very little sleep?

I have such such a hands-on, involved partner. He jumps in all the time. It’s great to have an actor husband when they’re not working because they’re at your disposal.

What’s in your makeup bag? 

A smorgasbord of products I’ve stolen from my makeup artist Natasha. Random pieces of tape and trash from my children. Chewed up brushes. I’m into Uma Oils. I love the smell and I lather my body with it. I’ve been using Beboe Therapies High-Potency CBD Face Serum. I like these oils but I don’t put them on my face. I love this new Nars lip pencil in Take Me Home. It’s my theme when I’m out.

Beboe Therapies High-Potency CBD Face Serum

If you didn’t do what you do, what do you think you’d be doing?

I would need to be making things. When Jason and I were dating, I was making these bedazzled headbands. I’d have to be crafty somehow.