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A Legendary Label Revival

Jean Patou launches a new fragrance and with it, a fresh new era for the house is put in motion

Bruno Cottard

Following in the savvy footsteps of the team behind the house of Schiaparelli’s reinvention, Vice President of the Jean Patou label Bruno Cottard recently announced the company’s intent to revive one of fashion’s most influential names. Though the Patou brand has stayed afloat throughout the last century thanks to its lucrative fragrance business, the house has not produced any fashion since the couture creations came to a halt in 1987. Last week, the revamp began with their latest fragrance launch—the luxe, feminine scent called Joy Forever is a tribute to Patou’s first fragrance Joy created in 1929. Considered one of the most expensive fragrances in the world at the time, Joy was an extension of Patou’s coveted collection of clothing.

Famous for having the title of the inventor of sportswear, Patou’s designs ranged from relaxed tailoring to high-priced couture. And after his early death in 1936, innovators like Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix took the reigns at the house. The label has a rich history, and one that’s ripe with opportunity to reinvent for a discerning modern age.

So will the likes of Lagerfeld or Lacroix make a re-appearance in the Patou atelier? There’s no telling what will come from this revival, but with a buzzy new fragrance and an intriguing heritage, it will no doubt be one for the fashion ages.



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