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Clinique’s Sensitive Side

The go-to beauty brand launches a nail polish line that aims to keep allergies and irritations away

Clinique has long been one of the most reliable labels when it comes to buying for sensitive skin—all of their products are 100% fragrance-free and allergy-tested. Now they’re taking that winning formula and applying it to nail care, a beauty regimen not normally associated with redness, itchiness or burning. However, the brilliant experts at Clinique are reminding their loyal fans that a person touches their eyes on an average of 200 times a day, a logical but overlooked reason why a manicure can often cause allergies to worsen. The new line, called A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins ($16 each), was created over the course of six years and has been tested by both dermatologists and ophthalmologist to ensure it’s ability to minimize sensitivity.

And aside from their miraculous sensitivity-relieving capabilities, the lacquer also looks pretty too. With an expertly designed thin flat brush that allows for easy application, they come in 12 shades from a pink metallic called “Sweet Tooth,” to punchy summer hues like a green “Hula Skirt” and a red “Juiced Up.” What better way is there to get ready for summer than with bright, healthy nails?