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Hailee Steinfeld’s Unexpected Talents

DuJour caught up with the star at the launch of Swarovski’s Crystaldust collection at Rockefeller Center

Hailee Steinfeld sparkled at a recent appearance at Swarovski’s Rockefeller Center store, both from the rings and Crystaldust bracelets glistening on her fingers and arms and from the twinkle in her eye as she excitedly discussed her numerous upcoming projects. Known for being a multi-hyphenate, the young star was in New York in the midst of Fashion Week to perform at Radio City with Meghan Trainor, who she’s been touring with since July. “You get into a rhythm and it becomes a routine. And all of a sudden we’re in New York City and I’ve suddenly forgotten everything I know,” she said. “I guess everything feels so heightened because it’s New York and Radio City and it’s an iconic venue and to be there is insane and really special.”

In addition to promoting her EP, Haiz, which was released last year, Steinfeld recently put out a collaboration with Grey and Zedd called “Starving,” and said the pop-infused-with-electronic vibe of the single “sonically is where I am living.” As monumental as a performance at Radio City might be, it doesn’t seem like Steinfeld ever focuses on just one undertaking at a time. “I have a movie coming called Edge of Seventeen coming out at the end of the year. I leave for Toronto, TIFF, tomorrow so I’m very excited about that,” she said.

When asked if her long standing relationship with Swarovski might ever lead her to add designer to her resumé, she said, “I would love to. I’ve been so incredibly influenced and inspired by the films that I’ve done and being on stage and seeing other performers.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Thos Robinson/Stringer