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The Ultimate In Peacocking

A $100 million dollar diamond brooch puts even the most exceptional plumage to shame

When fashion writer Suzy Menkes described the overdressed crowd outside of fashion shows in her now-viral article in T Magazine, “The Circus of Fashion,” she wrote that these fashion week newbies were “like peacocks,” as they “pose and preen, in their multipatterned dresses, spidery legs balanced on club-sandwich platform shoes, or in thigh-high boots under sculptural coats blooming with flat flowers” hoping to have their photograph taken.

“Like peacocks” is the appropriate phrase, as the Jeffrey Campbell-wearing bloggers outside of the tents at Lincoln Center are “peacocking” rather than embodying the birds themselves. Yes, the birds “show off” their blue-green plumage to catch the attention of other peafowl, but historically peacocks symbolized both immortality and nobility. Today, the majestic bird more often illustrates grandeur – and even flirtation. So, it is fitting that when creating an eye-catching, beautiful brooch out of 120.81 carats of colored diamonds, Graff Diamonds chose the form of a peacock.

This exquisite piece of jewelry – that would stun feuding print editors and digital bloggers alike into silence –  is on display at TEFAF, an art fair in Maastricht, Netherlands, from March 15– 24. Fly on over.