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Give Your Cleavage the Royal Treatment

The Queen’s official bra fitter shares her lingerie styling tips—and a few secrets from inside the dressing rooms

When it comes to the royals’ wardrobe, everything is scrutinized—right down to their skivvies. That’s why they need the one and only June Kenton.

Kenton, who helms Britain’s luxury lingerie shop Rigby & Peller, has been the official bra fitter for the Queen of England since 1982. Her brand, which recently opened its first U.S. stores, offers personalized lingerie styling by an expert who has been trained for no less than three months. She can fit you in everything from swimwear to sleepwear to underwear. And Kenton doesn’t just serve the royal family. She’s worked with everyone from Lady Gaga to Gwyneth Paltrow.

June Kenton of Rigby & Peller

Kim Kardashian came in, maybe four or five weeks ago,” says Kenton. “She’s pregnant so she needed major bras, but I never say what goes on in a fitting room!” Even with a tight-lipped policy, Kenton spilled a few details about her first encounter with the Queen. “It was very nerve-wrecking when you’re going to see the Queen in her bedroom and you don’t really know what to expect,” she says. “But that was in 1982, so now I’m used to it and she’s lovely.”

While it’s mum’s the word on what goes inside the dressing room, Kenton doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing fitting tips. “Women often come in with six bosom—the two they were born with, two under their arms and two above their real breasts, so they have spillage. Let’s take the two you are born with and just deal with them!” she says.

Lingerie from Rigby & Peller

Here, the lingerie legend shares her very best advice.

1. According to Kenton, about 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Most women wear a bra that’s too big around and when they lift their arms, they come out underneath. In general, the solution is almost always to go down a band size and up a cup size. For example, 90 percent of women who wear a 34B will end up at 32C or D. (Fun fact: Rigby & Peller was the first company to introduce a 30 around the back). The band gives all of the bra support, so having a snug band is what will help you and feel great.

2. The biggest mistake is not having a fitting. Kenton doesn’t believe in using tape measures. She believes the number it gives isn’t an accurate size based on your shape and fullness. June and her fitters can simply eyeball a woman and know her band and cup size sans tape.

3. Bra sizes can change, so it’s important to get fitted every six months.