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Blake Jenner and Tyler Hoechlin on Girls, Short Shorts and Bro Time

The stylish leads of Richard Linklater’s ’80s-era comedy Everybody Wants Some show off the season’s denim-on-denim trend while taking you behind the scenes of the film

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For his role in the 1980s frat-house comedy Everybody Wants Some, from director Richard Linklater—the spiritual sequel to his film Dazed and Confused—Blake Jenner sported a slew of seriously retro outfits. But there’s only one garment that seems to still be haunting the 23-year-old actor. 

“Dude, I hated wearing the tiny shorts,” Jenner confesses. “There was one scene where I was wearing them, and I just felt like my legs were two glasses of milk when I was walking—I had no tan there, it was just pasty.” 

Jenner wasn’t the only one of the film’s stars who ended up feeling more than a bit exposed. “I think this movie turned into a competition of who could look the strangest,” adds Tyler Hoechlin, who plays the team’s captain and sophomoric social director. “I kept trying to find the shortest shorts with the highest socks.”

To be fair, however, the wardrobe did help the actors—Jenner, Hoechlin and a starting lineup’s worth of co-stars—get into their characters. “When you look in the mirror and you don’t see yourself anymore, you’re like, ‘This isn’t me, so I’m free to do whatever,’ ” Hoechlin says. 

And what they did is pretty impressive. The film is laugh-out-loud funny, thanks in no small part to the way the actors’ camaraderie and comfort with one another come across on-screen. That’s something both credit to the three weeks of rehearsal Linklater organized at his ranch before shooting began. Jenner fondly refers to it as being “like a big-ass sleepover,” where most of the cast had to learn to play baseball—Linklater and Hoechlin were the resident experts, both having played in college—and pick up dance moves that would be integral to the film.

“We had a blast,” says Hoechlin. “When we saw the movie, the coolest thing was just seeing it reflect the time we had in such a great way. It was like, ‘Yeah, that pretty much was the experience for us too.’ ”

Jenner agrees: “It was like the Last Supper, but with a ton of testosterone. Making this movie was the best time of my life, for sure.” 

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