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Have Bar, Will Travel

Billy Reid makes a modern case for one vintage-inspired accessory from his Coach capsule collection

There’s a certain breed of guy who travels with a flask in his pocket, prepared for any occasion that might warrant a cocktail. Beginning September 1, designer Billy Reid does him one better.

That’s the day that this travel bar set—part of Reid’s sure-to-be-coveted collaboration with Coach—is released. And while the idea of carrying three leather-wrapped flasks, two shot glasses, a corkscrew/bar knife, a stirrer and a cloth might be new to consumers, a traveling bar kit is a long time Reid favorite.

“I’ve used a travel bar set for several years,” Reid tells DuJour. “We felt as though this was the perfect blend between Coach’s rich American history and Billy Reid’s Southern-American style. These types of novelty pieces evoke the nostalgia of the ’50s gentleman, made available for today’s modern man.”

Any contemporary guy would surely be glad to have this $600 set for an out of town trip or a pre-game tailgating session. Reid’s advice? “It’s the perfect way to enjoy a drink while getting ready at the hotel, especially because the size of the set makes it very easy to transport.”

While the set itself is a no-brainer, picking the sorts of spirits you’ll want to pack it with can require a bit more deliberation. That’s where having three flasks comes in handy. “I typically fill them with bourbon, gin and vodka,” Reid says. “This gives a nice variety of options when enjoying a spirit straight up or mixing a signature cocktail over ice.”

We’ll drink to that!

Available at Coach Bleecker Men’s, 212-243-3612


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