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Agent Provocateur Founder Releases a Lingerie Line

Serena Rees takes her designs from bed-to-street by turning to the next generation for her brand’s premier collection

Two decades after she founded Agent Provocateur, Serena Rees has launched Les Girls Les Boys: a line of democratic intimates and layers inspired by the same young people she hopes to empower with her premier Fall/Winter 17 collection.

“Brands are pushing an unrealistic sexualized image that’s unreachable by most and makes a lot of people unhappy,” Rees says. “It’s far more sexy to be cool with who you are and to be down with your friends. To me, that’s the new sexy.”

Upon examining how her own children and their diverse, stylish friend group of millennials tend to live today, as they float through her house and around the world, Rees’s foray into everyday fashion for the young is a statement in making the practical more fluid, accepting and free. Without devoting time to labels, Rees has designed a breathable collection to be worn by anyone and everyone.

Styles range from $25 to $143 and will be available on lesgirlslesboys.com starting Sept. 1.