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Acne Studios Releases Transparent N3W Sneaker

Brad Hall gives his most serious review on the new NSW Sneaker

Acne Studios launched the N3W Transparent edition, a modern sneaker with completely see-through uppers that clearly display the brand’s signature pink insoles. The new iteration is accompanied by special white socks with black graphics that mimic the bold lined accents and eyelet panel of the original N3W shoe.

For the release of the N3W Transparent sneaker, Acne Studios invited sneaker reviewer, Brad Hall, to give his serious thoughts on the newest silhouette. Hall explores the idea of transparency for a shoe, gives a few sock styling tips, and showcases his fashion modeling along the way. 

“I always think about what’s interesting to me about a shoe. And it’s obvious that this shoe is fully transparent. It’s not a new thing to have a translucent or semi-translucent shoe, but the N3W Transparent sneaker takes this even further. And that was the most interesting thing to me. So [with the video] that’s really what I kind of fixated on, and I wanted to do something to honor and explore that,” says Hall. 

The N3W Transparent sneaker will be released on July 9 in selected Acne Studios stores.