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Steve Aoki Goes Gold

Aurae releases the famed DJ’s limited edition credit card design

If Aurae’s goal to become “The World’s Most Innovative Credit Card” wasn’t enough, the company has just announced its latest endeavor: the chance for card users to gain access to the lifestyle of famed DJ and entertainer Steve Aoki. “I was amazed and impressed at the detail in the graphics,” Aoki says, “and I’ve never seen a card like this before.” Just like in his shows, the card’s diamonds swirl in energetic waves as straight lines cut through like the technology that contributes to Aoki’s signature sound. “It reminds me of space and the feeling to explore the unexplored and take on new adventures in life,” he says. Members who use this particular limited edition Aurae card will soon come to realize the simple fact: it’s truly experiential luxury at its finest.