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Exclusive: Persol Launches New Collection

The luxury Italian sunglass brand has announced its all-metal designs are available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Since 1917, Persol has produced seasonal must-have shades along with classic designs that stay with you for years. Beloved by celebrities like Adam Levine, Jessica Alba and George Clooney, Persol frames are versatile and ones for the ages.

In honor of the brand’s 100th anniversary this year, Persol released a limited edition 18-carat, gold-embellished set of frames. Adorned with the Persol centennial date engraved in gold and an accompanying certificate, the handmade design was available for $2,770 at select Saks Fifth Avenue Boutiques. The anniversary collection also includes the iconic 9649 model in a red Havana with blue crystal lenses for $410.

With a luxury reputation to uphold, Persol consistently launches elegant and classic sunglass styles, while maintaining a distinct brand identity. The newest addition to the Persol family is its metal capsule collection, a set of all-metal frames that are a clear sign of the brand’s evolution. With a palette of crystal lenses, semi-reflective, gradient or polarized in blue, grey and brown tints to choose from, the all-metal capsule collection captures a range of personalities.

Adding a touch of rebelliousness throughout the minimalistic design with the new elliptical shape available, the contemporary frames still incorporate the Persol DNA such as the arrow hinges Persol is famous for, temples with Meflecto system and of course: exceptional artisanship.

The all-metal capsule collection is available now at Saks Fifth Avenue for $350.

Main image credit: Courtesy of Luxottica