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Our Hero Adele Turned Down $1 Million to Garden

The music icon has lived up to her new title of the “Richest UK Celebrity Under 30”

As if we couldn’t find another reason to love—and be simultaneously in awe of—Adele: Hello, she’s done it again. According to Page Six, the 29-year-old singer decided to pass on a $1.3 million private concert. The reason? She needed to tend to her garden.

Australian singer Guy Sebastian claims he was with Adele’s agent who told him of the unsurprisingly endearing move, and who also told him that the singer “is often weeding these days.” Given the fact that Adele began a well-deserved hiatus following the end of her 121-date tour this past summer, it’s no surprise that the star has taken a liking to waving from the other side of her garden gate—and probably to many offers that regular, non-Adele citizens like ourselves wouldn’t dream to turn down.

Though more realistically, it probably wasn’t just the fact that her garden needed tending so much so that to a businesswoman who raked in $69.4 million last year from touring and album sales alone, a $1.3 million offer might not actually be worth the effort. Which is in itself, even more admirable than simply skipping the whole thing to plant organic vegetables. Adele was just granted the title of “Richest UK Star Under 30” by Britain’s Heat Magazine, and surpassed the likes of Ed Sheeran and Daniel Radcliffe, despite the fact that the star has yet to accept any endorsement deals or put her music on streaming services. I guess a guest spot on Game of Thrones and a little Hogwarts magic weren’t enough this time around—better luck next year, guys!

Main Image: Getty/Steve Granitz