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Room Request! The Prince Gallery Tokyo

Savor a centralized city hotel where you’ll be fully immersed in Japanese culture, with a few reminders of home along the way

In the crosshairs of some of Tokyo’s busiest intersects, the Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho snakes around the business not by tucking into a nearby quiet street, but instead by ascending up into the sky. The Prince Gallery Tokyo offers access to the city’s most popular underground routes, allowing direct access to anywhere in the city, while featuring expansive views in all directions.

For those looking to dip a toe into international waters rather than diving in head first, the hotel offers travelers, particularly Americans, easy access to local fare such as ramen, udon, sushi, and more, without having to venture too far out of the neighborhoods that also boast familiar staples such as Starbucks. The hotel does encourage exploration though, because Tokyo is a mecca for incredible food and guests should feel encouraged to jump on the underground a few hundred feet from the hotel’s doors to find Tokyo’s more authentic cuisines or shopping options. Rest assured that between traditional meals, you can always head to the Nobu or other Americanized outposts that are near the hotel and savor unique reminder of “home.”

The best thing the hotel has to offer is it’s access: a central home base from which anything or anywhere is possible, all while vaulted into the sky to look over the city’s beautiful vista. Below, General Manager Nobuo Omori gives us the inside scoop on what makes the Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho so special.

What is the hotel’s most requested room? 

The Corner type and Club Floor are the most popular for bookings.

Kioi Suite Bedroom

Kioi Suite Bedroom

What makes it so special? 

Situated 180 meters above ground, the view from the hotel is unlike any other and it truly makes Tokyo look like a piece of art. Especially when looking out of the hotel’s floor to ceiling windows, the property provides an unparalleled view of the city.

Sky Gallery Lounge Levita

Sky Gallery Lounge Levita

What’s the starting rate? 

About JPY60000 ($527 USD per night).

What’s your personal favorite room? 

The Designer’s Suites, which are known for their unique bedroom layouts with panoramic views of the city.

Have there been any celebrity or notable guests at the hotel recently? 

While Nubuo Omori can’t disclose specific names, our hotel is used by famous artists and athletes around the world.

All Day Dining Oasis Garden

All Day Dining Oasis Garden

What’s a fun fact about the hotel? 

We have the DJ Night, which is open every Tuesday and Friday night. We also offer programs to experience Japanese culture such as the Sake Experience and Sushi Class.

Grand Deluxe Corner King Bathroom

Grand Deluxe Corner King Bathroom

What do views from the hotel look out on? 

The views from the hotel span in every direction. Looking to the east side, guests can look out onto the Imperial Palace and the Sky Tree while the south side has a great view of the Haneda Airport. One of the most amazing sites you can see from the property is Mt. Fuji when the weather is nice!

What’s your favorite shop or restaurant in the neighborhood around the hotel? 

My favorite Chinese restaurant is Akasana Ishingo, which is located across the street from the hotel. I also love Nodaiwa which specializes in grilled eel. There are two locations only about a five minute drive from the property.