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Room Request! COMO The Halkin

Discover an architectural gem in London’s elegant Belgravia neighborhood

From hallways with curving dark wood walls to Ametsa, a light-drenched award-winning restaurant decorated with over 7,000 spice bottles, COMO The Halkin is a masterclass in subdued, comforting design touches.

The 41-room boutique hotel, located in London’s Belgravia neighborhood, sits on the borders of the royal gardens, which open onto Buckingham Palace. The location is central to many of London’s most sought-after restaurants, bars and shopping destinations.

Ametsa Afternoon Tea at The COMO Halkin

Ametsa Afternoon Tea at The COMO Halkin

The hotel style also favors personalized, discreet touches, such as personalized welcome drinks for repeat guests. “This term is so overused but the ‘home away from home’ experience is what epitomizes the Halkin,” COMO Hotels director of marketing Kate Richards says. “We have a very high percentage of repeat guests, and they are known by name. If you want a great quality, warm environment, this is the perfect spot.” Below, take a look at the most requested rooms at COMO The Halkin.

What’s the most requested room?

Our most-booked room type is the Halkin Room, however, the most requested rooms are the three balcony suites: 301 and 304 (the COMO suites), and above all, room 205 (the Belgravia suite).

The Halkin Room at The Como Halkin

The Halkin Room at The COMO Halkin

What makes it so special?

The smaller balcony in 205 overlooks over the historic neighborhood of Belgravia has a nicer view compared to the other two balcony rooms, according to our guests. The bathroom can be accessed from both the bedroom and the sitting room (handy if the guests have visitors and do not want them to walk through the bedroom to access the bathroom).

Belgravia Suite Bathroom at The COMO Halkin

Belgravia Suite Bathroom at The COMO Halkin

The COMO Suites have the same advantage bathroom wise and also boost a large enough table to allow meetings or private dining of up to 6 people.

What is the rate?

The rates change according to the availability and period and range from £690 to £960 inclusive of VAT for the Belgravia Suite and £790 to £1260 for the COMOs.

Belgravia Suite at The COMO Halkin

Belgravia Suite at The COMO Halkin

What room is your personal favorite?

My personal favorite is another Belgravia Suite: room 507. It is a gorgeous, light room with three windows in the sitting room and one in the bathroom. The bathroom, which is probably the best in the hotel, has a very large walk-in shower and large, deep corner bathtub.

It has top floor views of the street side, overlooking Forbes House and the Hyde Park corner from afar as well as the largest storage space of all other rooms thanks to its two wardrobes, making it the ideal choice of for long staying guests and many of our returning guests.

Halkin Bar at The COMO Halkin

Halkin Bar at The COMO Halkin

Any fun facts about the hotel or rooms?

The fifth floor has beautiful high curved ceilings, as this floor was purpose built when our owner purchased the building in 1991. COMO The Halkin was the first property to open in the COMO Hotels and Resorts portfolio.