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Room Request! Merrion Row Hotel and Public House

Old world Ireland meets modern New York in this traditional hotel and eatery

Known for the abundance of Irish pubs and eateries in Times Square, Manhattan, I walked right by Merrion Row Hotel & Public House as I was cruising across 45th Street. Distracted by the allure of the area’s bright lights and excitement, I backtracked to a tasteful awning and took an immediate breath of fresh air inside this warm property. The stark contrast between the glittery lights right outside to the calming atmosphere within Merrion Row Hotel & Public House is a welcomed juxtaposition that offers relaxation to anyone visiting Times Square. Plus, the perfectly poured Guinness upon check-in is greatly appreciated.

Upon arrival at my guest room, the tasteful Irish accents and nods to Gaelic culture create a sense of authentic charm. The bathroom features intricately designed black and white tiles with marble counters and the shower steals the show.

Don’t forget to head back downstairs before turning in for the night and visit Public House. Choose from either an airy, open ceiling eatery with delicate lights lining the walls or the high-top bar area for a more romantic setting. While the menu boasts Irish faire, don’t worry if you’re not a potato fan because there are other (just as delicious) options. I recommend opting for a classic: Shepherd’s Pie. To pair with your hearty meal, a libation will do. Don’t sleep on Merrion Row Hotel & Public House’s cocktail program, which strategically incorporates Irish spirits matched with clever titles like Laddy Listoke and Dingle Flood to deliver a complex repertoire of drinks.

Courtesy of Merrion Row Hotel & Public House

Below, the hotel’s Regional Director, Devesh Singh, gives us the inside scoop on the property.

What’s the most requested room?

The Studio King Room.

What makes it so special?

This is our most spacious offering. At 280 square feet, including a king size sleeper sofa that accompanies the luxurious king bed, this is the most sought after category by our guests. It features a Premium Hypnos Lansdown cashmere mattress, covered in our crisp 400 – thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. All of our Studio Kings have the ability to interconnect with our Premium King rooms, transforming into a two bedroom suite. State of the art climate control and lighting fixtures make it a truly unique experience for the discerning traveler.

Courtesy of Merrion Row Hotel & Public House

What is the rate?

Rate start from $400, but varies depending upon the season.

Which room is your personal favorite?

My personal favorite would be our Premium King guest room.  It is well appointed and has the right blend of luxury and comfort. At 250 square feet, this is my ideal room.

Any fun facts about the hotel or rooms?

Our Beaux Arts building opened in 1920 as one of Times Square’s first hotels. Local artists and actors frequented the hotel and over time, these rooms were frequented more often by tourists and their families in search of a truly New York experience. The new Merrion Row is a deeply felt nod to the building’s rich history and an open-armed welcome to today’s luxuries. Everyone is invited and there are always fantastic stories to hear and tell!

Courtesy of Merrion Row Hotel & Public House