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Room Request! Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

This beachfront hotel has a storied pedigree, sprawling spa and room designs for every taste

Jacksonville, Florida may not seem like much of a vacation destination, but just 20 miles southeast is an upscale, storied resort where yellow beach umbrellas in high season feel like an IRL Gray Malin photo. Now imagine freshly peeled coconuts branded with a coat of arms depicting two seahorses on either side and a ribbon that proudly reads “established in 1928,” and you’ve painted a perfect picture of Ponte Vedra Inn & Club: historic traditions juxtaposed with present day beach chic. 

Many know the beachfront property for its two 18-hole golf courses: Ocean Course and Lagoon Course are where the PGA Tour and Players Championship are hosted every year. The resort—where almost all of the 249 accommodations are ocean facing—is also renowned for its massive spa. The 30,000-square-foot space houses 23 treatments rooms, an indoor restaurant with healthy menu options, a private pool replete with cabanas and lounge chairs where guests can enjoy poolside lunch and drinks like juices, smoothies and cocktails. There are also nine other on-site restaurants open to guests and members only.

The rooms and suites of the two-story property are divided into 10 houses, and each building features a distinct aesthetic. For those with a penchant for calming blue hues, there are beach house accommodations. For those who appreciate bold blue and white décor, there’s the Peyton building. All oceanfront rooms on the first floor open up onto the beach.

Here, the Inn & Club’s General Manager Michael Gordon shares his personal favorite room, and what makes PVIC so special. Hint: it’s a first.

What’s the most requested room?

Georgia House, Preferred King Oceanfront (room 159).

Preferred King Oceanfront

What makes it so special?

Direct access, private patio and unrivaled panoramic views to world renowned, picturesque Ponte Vedra Beaches. The suite is topped off with luxurious amenities like the kitchenette that includes a sink, coffee maker, mini-fridge and microwave.

The pool

What’s the rate?

Summer rate is $509.

Your personal favorite room?

Recent renovations make the Atlantic House a favorite due to the proximity to the beaches. The new décor gives the rooms a sense of place really knowing you are at the beach.

Room 201

Who are some celebrity guests that have stayed?

I can’t divulge.

Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

What’s a fun fact about the hotel?

The Par 3, Island 9 on the Ocean course is famous for being the first Island Hole and dates back to 1928.