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Room Request! The Paradisus Palma Real

Check into the most sought-after room at this tropical Dominican resort

There’s something slightly magical about flying into an airport that has a roof made of woven palm fronds. It’s the ultimate sign that a true tropical vacation is about to begin. And that’s just what you’re in for at the Paradisus Palma Real. The oceanfront hotel features an absolutely enormous main pool, a Thai-inspired spa and plenty of on-site entertainment.

The best part about this oasis, though, may just be how customizable your experience can become. If you’re traveling with children, the Reserve area has a child-friendly pool that’s dotted with playful climbing structures and a “Kids Zone” meant just for little ones. The Royal Service package is perfect for couples (no kids allowed) that are looking to have a more luxurious vacation. It allots guests access to private pools, a private lounge, plush beach daybeds and a personal butler who can assist with everything from securing dinner reservations to setting up your pool or beach lounging spot of choice with towels, drinks and reading material.

Here, hotel executive Rodolfo Cresta tells DuJour about the resort’s most exquisite accommodations.

The most requested room: 
The Royal Service Imperial Romance Ocean Front Suite is the nicest room, especially for couples.

Inside The Royal Service Imperial Romance Ocean Front Suite

Inside The Royal Service Imperial Romance Ocean Front Suite

What makes it so special:
The room offers the perfect setting for a memorable trip. With high-end amenities, stunning views and personal Butler Service, guests have everything they need for a perfect getaway. 

The rate: 
Rates start at $1,596 per night, based on double occupancy.

Your personal favorite:
My favorite room is also the Royal Service Imperial Romance Ocean Front Suite.

Inside The Royal Service Imperial Romance Ocean Front Suite

Inside The Royal Service Imperial Romance Ocean Front Suite

This is the perfect suite to have an unforgettable couple’s vacation. From the amazing views of the turquoise water of the Bávaro Beach to the relaxing in-room Jacuzzi and the top-notch Butler Service—there is everything you need to truly unwind and enjoy.

Fun fact:  
Last fall, Paradisus Palma Real unveiled the newest addition to our signature YHI Spa, The Oriental Garden. This distinctive retreat boasts treatments based on eastern therapies and meditation, featuring authentic Balinese and Thai massages, wraps and reflexologies as well as traditional Balinese Tea Ceremonies. Expert Balinese therapists were flown to Punta Cana to educate all of the spa staff on the art and culture surrounding Balinese spa techniques to ensure authenticity throughout the experience.