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Obsession DuJour: My Vinyl Collection

Our Web Producer shares what she can’t live without right now

In a world of constant streaming, downloading, skipping and pausing, there are few moments of uninterrupted media consumption. What I mean is, when I go for a run, I play my “run fast” playlist and I skip every three songs. When I’m riding the train into work, I skip every other song from my “get pumped” playlist. Why? Maybe I’m not feeling a specific song that day; I have a song in mind that I actually want to hear or I’m simply bored and need to be entertained further.

I recently had a conversation with someone about how listening to a vinyl record is an entirely different experience than listening to an album on Spotify or iTunes. It’s the same songs, but you are not granted that instant gratification of easily skipping tracks one and two to reach your favorite track: three.

When I place a record on my adorable Crosley Turntable, I drop the needle and walk away. I would never pick up the needle mid-play and risk scratching the record in an attempt to skip tracks. So, after listening to the less-loved (perhaps misunderstood) tracks one and two, I reach my beloved third track and I appreciate it that much more. 

Vinyl has recently made a major comeback and not solely because of the unique listening experience it offers. All things retro are trending right now from Polaroid cameras to classic 90’s fashion moments (I would be lying if I said I didn’t have upwards of five fanny packs in my closet). But, there is something very special about cultivating a vinyl collection. From perusing a vintage record store and digging to find the gems to the thrill of opening up an album sleeve to reveal a hot pink record–vinyl is unparalleled. 

Listen below for a taste of my motley crew of a vinyl collection. Feel free to skip around to your favorite tracks, this time.

Main image credit: instagram.com