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Come Play With Mimi So

Step into a fine jewelry designer’s bridal wonderland where stylish whimsy is celebrated

Artist, dreamer, risk taker and mom; these are the descriptors Mimi So emanates before fine jewelry designer, and humbly, CFDA board member. One of her “children,” otherwise known as a canine office mascot, greets me upon entering So’s diamond district den–the Mimi So headquarters. Chester, the three-year-old curly haired pup takes the boss’s seat before the boss herself, which is just what you’d expect from the playful and lively fine jewelry brand.

Before So brought her vibrant brand to life, she was exposed to the jewelry industry as a child. “I grew up in the business; I would sit there hanging out with the jewelers. So, I developed a passion for watching how things were made and fabricated.” She adds, “Growing up in New York City, I just wanted to create. That’s what always spoke to me.”

Today, instead of being behind the scenes, So often ends up playing the role of referee or, the voice to be listened to.  “Sometimes the whole family comes,” she says with a laugh. “I become the voice of reason, whether it’s between family members or just toning down the girl who wants the craziest thing turned into an engagement ring.”

That “crazy thing” sometimes isn’t so bad, though. So describes creating a ring from her latest collection saying, “We’re talking about a bunny in a pasture with mushrooms. You have to be a little nutty to go that far.” And with that, welcome to Mimi So’s Wonderland. The high-end jewelry designer’s pieces can be described as whimsical in the most authentic way. “I like things that aren’t so expected. That’s where the whimsy comes in,” she decides.

While gazing at stunning ladybugs, glittery bees and pavé diamonds encrusting a larger-than-life bow, I wonder how exactly Mimi So’s eclectic aesthetic translates to the luxury commissioned engagement rings she designs and produces. So assures me that while her customers are somewhat poetic, there’s a certain longevity that has to be considered.

When describing her bridal clientele, So says, “She’s someone that’s a little adventurous, looking for something that not everyone else has. She cares about quality and artistry and she pays more attention to that detail.” So continues, “But, there is this side to her – things that are nostalgic, things that are just, charming.”

That same sentiment, which is romantic and timeless, is exactly what Mimi So embodies. With Mimi, and if you’re lucky, her office mascot Chester, you can find yourself at the refreshing intersection of wearability and whimsy, whether you’re commissioning a bespoke engagement ring or exploring a bubbly wonderland at her newest boutique at 21 Crosby Street.

Main photo courtesy of: @mimisojewels