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Maldives Travel Diary

Parasailing, pink flamingo floats and pristine beaches: a weekend dispatch from the posh Per Aquum Niyama resort

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Scroll through Instagram’s Explore page on any given day, and you’re bound to stumble upon a wanderlust-worthy image of the Maldives, a South Asian island nation located in the Indian Ocean that is arguably the most Instagrammable country in the world. Known for its abundance of luxe five-star hotels, sparkling aquamarine seas and expansive overwater bungalows, there’s a reason why jetsetters travel far and wide to get there (for Americans, the trip can take 24 hours or longer.) Though competition among resorts in the area is stiff, one property in particular, Per Aquum Niyama, is considered among the country’s best, catering to couples, families and multi-generational travelers alike. To truly understand what makes Niyama—and the Maldives as a whole—such a dreamy tropical paradise, check out our travel diary from a weekend spent at the property. We tend to think that in the Maldives, pictures have a way of speaking for themselves.