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Pop Open a Bubbly Experience from Krug x Air’s Champagne Parlor

The champagne house has partnered with a sipping hotspot in NYC for a special to-go box in honor of La Fête du Champagne 2020

Good things come in Krug packaging—and the Champagne house’s new offering with Air’s Champagne Parlour is no exception. In honor of La Fête du Champagne 2020, a virtual celebration of bubbly around the world, the French label and the West Village champagne bar (best known for it’s caviar and playful neon signage) created a special at-home experience for bubbly aficionados in New York City.

Whether you’re an expert or a novice on fine champagne culture, the Krug CaviAIR TOGO BOX has everything you’ll need to arrange a stellar bubbles and caviar tasting in the comfort of your own dwelling. Available from October 21 to 24 for pick-up or delivery at $179 ($169 pre-sale), each cherry hued box provides a half bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée, Kaluga Grand Imperial CaviAIR, and a caviar kit with chips and other accompaniments, as well as a chic mother of pearl spoon.

After you’ve popped the bottle and poured yourself a glass, be sure to scan the QR code found inside the box for a thoughtfully curated playlist. Music always pairs well with a buzz.