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Keith Powers’s Guide to Los Angeles

The Famous in Love star shares the key to the city he calls home

At the ripe age of 24, Keith Powers is killing it. While he currently plays Jordan Wilder on Freeform’s latest hit Famous in Love alongside Bella Thorne and Charlie DePew, he also boasts a resume including big projects like Straight Outta Compton. Essentially, it’s clear the Sacramento native is not only in the midst of a grind right now—he’s just getting started.

Much like the character he plays in Famous in Love, Powers is used to navigating his career in the limelight. But even with unpredictable ups and downs, the overall goal is still the same. “When we come into the show, Jordan’s this superstar actor,” Powers explains. “He’s like the bad boy of Hollywood when you look at him through the media. He’s dealing with a lot right off the bat, but the more you go into the season you see that everything he does has a reason behind it. That’s what I love about our writers—they get both sides of the story.”

You need both sides to appreciate Powers’s own experience in building his career. “It actually shows what I go through every day,” he says of his experience shooting the show at Warner Bros. Studios. “Basically whatever’s happening in my life, I have to go into the studio and make things happen. [Jordan] knows no matter what, he needs to take care of business.” And for Powers, business is good. One of his goals had been to become the lead of a TV show—and now that he can check this off his list, we’re sure that what’s to come is merely more of a testament to this mindset. 

So from one budding actor to the rest of us tourists, why provide a guide to Tinseltown? “L.A. is full of opportunity,” he says. “Beautiful weather, beautiful women: you can’t lose!” 

Below, see Keith Powers’s guide to Los Angeles, California.

Cup of Joe: Starbucks 

Power Lunch: Wokcano 

Cocktail Hour: Laurel Hardware 

Retail Therapy: GameStop 

Field Trip: Six Flags

Date Night:  Catch LA 

Don’t Miss:  FAIRFAX! 

Hidden Gem: Love going to AND STILL to get retro gear!  

Main Image: Solmaz Saberi