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Room Request! Jumby Bay

Kick off your shoes and take a leisurely stroll around this private island paradise

Located a four-hour flight from New York and two miles off the coast of Antigua in the West Indies, Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort feels worlds away. The 300-acre private enclave is prized for its pristine white-sand beaches, seven restaurants and bars, expansive spa and fitness facilities, exceptional oceanfront suites and villas, and even shopping at the on-site, perfectly curated boutique. But perhaps best of all is its peerless service—gracious warmth, telepathic anticipation of wants and needs (guests returning a year or more later are asked if they’d like the same drink they ordered on their previous visit), and attention to detail that is otherwise unheard of at a tropical retreat. (Jumby’s run by the same folks who oversee the Carlyle in Manhattan and the Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, so it’s little wonder.) 

Because it can accommodate only so many guests on the island at a given time (there are just 40 accommodations), guests can blissfully spend almost an entire day without encountering a fellow traveler. A private beach “picnic”—complete with white table linens, silver, first-rate fare and champagne—at Pasture Bay Beach? Done. A romantic candlelit dinner for two atop the island’s 18th century sugar mill? No problem. 

The veranda bar at Jumby Bay

As with all resorts of this rare caliber, almost any activity a guest could dream up can be arranged through the concierge desk at a moment’s notice. Jumby Bay, which takes its name from jumbie, Antiguan colloquial for “playful spirit,” is also a haven for naturalists: The island is home to an array of wildlife including sheep, great egret and blue pelicans. And it’s perhaps most famous among conservationists for having a protected shore dedicated to endangered hawksbill sea turtles, which return every year to nest.

Below, Andrew Hedley, managing director of Jumby Bay and regional VP of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, tells us about the most sought-after accommodation on the property. 

The most requested room: 
The Pool Suites 

The Pool Suite

What makes it so special:
Our guests love the Pool Suites because they overlook the sea and offer the perfect combination of privacy, luxury and space. Each Pool Suite has an expansive terrace and private pool, so guests can enjoy breakfast outside in the morning, cocktails at sundown, or lounge poolside in the privacy of their own suite. All Pool Suites boast a dramatic grand room, living area and a master bedroom, which leads into a lovely dressing area and a spectacular bathroom. One of the most special elements of the Pool Suite is the secluded outdoor garden, situated right off the bathroom within the suite’s four-walled courtyard. It has a rain shower and a deep pedestal tub, so guests can soak at the end of the day under the stars with a glass of champagne!

The Pool Suite bathroom

The rate:
$2,695 per night 

Your personal favorite:
The Rosewood Estates Suite 

The Rosewood Estates Suite offers all the comforts and amenities of a private beach home, including a spacious living room, dining area, office, private butler pantry, luxurious bedroom, and a bathroom that leads to an outdoor garden. The décor is inspired by the island’s sand, so it’s very sense of place with subtle beiges and creams, combined with pops of bright coral and tasteful British colonial furnishings. The suite opens to an infinity pool that provides dramatic views of the Caribbean Sea that can’t be beat. It’s also perfect for families as it offers the option of one or two additional connecting suites. 

A suite living area

Fun facts:
Jumby Bay Island is accessible only by boat. No cars are allowed on the island, so our guests and homeowners get around the island by bicycles or foot, allowing them to appreciate all that the enchanting island has to offer. 

Additionally, Jumby Bay is staunchly devoted to its sustainability program, carrying out several initiatives that preserve its environment and indigenous species. Thirty years ago this year, the island started the Jumby Bay Hawksbill Turtle Project, which is the longest running privately funded project of its kind. The program focuses on the scientific study of the endangered hawksbill turtle, and works to ensure their survival and recovery.  From June to November, the Jumby Bay Hawksbill Turtle Project monitors nesting activities on Jumby Bay’s Pasture Bay Beach, as well as smaller, adjacent beaches on the island. Guests are welcomed to take an active role in the program, and they love it!