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Room Request! The Hotel Dylan

This charming Catskills getaway is popular with weekenders and musicians alike—find out which room they can’t get enough of

Walk around Woodstock, New York long enough and you’re bound to see a twenty-something sporting a t-shirt emblazoned with the battle cry of “Catskills Vs. Hamptons.” The way we see it, however, there’s no reason not to love the mountains as much as you do the beach, especially if you’re holed up someplace like the Hotel Dylan

Situated about two hours from Manhattan, the 11-room inn boasts accommodations impeccably designed by Bob and Cortney Novogratz. Each room is named for a musician and comes outfitted with a record player and weekend movie screenings. The property itself also has communal fire pits, a neighboring gym, outdoor Ping-Pong tables and hammocks. If the artsy town of Woodstock wasn’t so charming, there’d be no reason to leave.

So, what’s the most popular room at The Hotel Dylan? Here, owner Paul Covello clues us in. 

The most requested room:
The Band Suite. 

Inside Hotel Dylan

Inside Hotel Dylan

What makes it so special:
There are so many features that make it special it’s hard to name just a few. The design itself is just so cool and fun. From the big purple poof that hangs on the wall to the painted wooden letters that spell out Dylan on the stairwell, everywhere you turn you see a special touch that guests really seem to enjoy. In addition to the neat décor, the space itself is so great. Having the two floors and the extra living area really allows our guests to spread out and relax during their stay.

Celebrity guests:
While we don’t kiss and tell, thankfully we have been embraced early on by many musicians playing in the many local arenas around the Catskills.

The rate:
$149 per night and up. 

Your personal favorite:
The Van, The Havens and the Levon are my personal favorites.

Inside Hotel Dylan

Inside Hotel Dylan

The Levon is kind of self-explanatory being that I am Woodstock local and loved all Levon [Helm] did for the community when he came back to Woodstock. Since each room is named after the Elliott Landry photograph that hangs on the wall, I often hear how excited a guest is to be staying in a particular room because their favorite artist is hanging on the wall or their favorite album is on the record player.

Fun fact:
We like to think of ourselves as a hotel for the arts, especially music, and while Woodstock and music go hand in hand, few people know that it started well before the famed 1969 concert. The hotel is located on Maverick Road less than a half mile from the Maverick Concert Hall that Hervey White, along with artists and other volunteers, built. The hand-hewn music chapel was erected in 1916 and the Hall is now a multi-starred attraction on the National Register of Historic Places.